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Module Forge: Automation Libraries and Demo Projects

Moduleforge is a centralized place where ControlTier committers put their automation libraries and demo projects. This is were you can come to find both downloads and documentation for these libraries and demos. ModuleForge is maintained as project (ModuleForge Project) that is distinct from the main ControlTier project. Check back frequently or subscribe to the ControlTier mailing list or ControlTier blog if you want to be notified of updates.


What is an Automation Library?

Automation Libraries are sets of ControlTier modules that provide fundamental building blocks for any application service provisioning solution you wish to develop. Building an automation solution specific to your enterprise is primarily achieved through configuring workflow commands that are already defined in a library's automation modules. The general idea is that the functionality that comes prebuilt with the ControlTier automation libraries does most of the heavy lifting for you.

Libraries provide prebuilt automation


What is a Demo Project?

Demo projects are used as a tool for exploring an example ControlTier solution. They can be used as a learning tool or as a starting point for your own automation solution. Demo projects are actually two things: prebuilt automation along with the actual demo application that the automation controls (probably 3rd party open source software).

Duke's Bank Demo Project Now Available
The latest ControlTier Demo Project is the Duke's Bank / Java App Server Project featuring JBoss.


How do I work with an Automation Library or a Demo Project?

Getting started with an automation library or a demo project is fairly straightforward. In the navigation menu on the left hand side of this page you'll find a list of available libraries and demo projects. Select the one you are interested in and you'll be presented with links for both downloading the library or demo and the corresponding documentation. All the information you need to install, configure, and run the automation is in each library or demo's specific documentation.


How can I get involved?

If you want to get involved with ControlTier development or you have any questions or requests, please post a note to the ControlTier mailing list