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Elements Java Server Library

What is the Elements Library?

Elements is a building block library that contains a set of modules that automate the build, promotion, and deployment of server-side Java applications (principally J2EE compliant application server based applications) and their related technologies.

The library contains the means to build applications from source code (including integrating with continuous integration loops), package build artifacts such as modules and J2EE enterprise archives, and deploy these updates to target environments consisting of both web and application server tiers. This automation also exports data from a source database schema, packages it, deploys and imports it to target database schemas using one standardized end-to-end process.

The Elements Library now contains the Duke's Bank Demo Project

Download the Elements Library

Lastest version of Elements Library is: 3.2

You can get the Elements Library from the ModuleForge download site (hosted by

Elements Library Documentation

Elements Library v3.2 Docs (opens in new window)

Older versions:

Elements Library v3.0 Docs (opens in new window)

Elements Library v2.0 Docs (opens in new window)

Elements Library v1.0 Docs (opens in new window)